• Data Management

    InTow Manager

    Capturing the details of every service call is an essential part of your business. When customers or police departments call for information, retrieval should be fast and the information must be accurate. With InTow Manager's easy-to-use interface, robust search engine and comprehensive reporting tools, this process can be performed with a few keystrokes.
  • Accounting Integration

    InTow Financials

    Duplicate data entry at any point in a process causes delays, and creates opportunities for errors. With the InTow Financials module, all invoice, payment and expense details can be easily synchronized with QuickBooks, eliminating the need to re-enter any data. InTow Financials is synchronized directly with your accounting database including tax tables, customer records, employees, service items, income and expenses.
  • Instant Messaging

    InTow Messenger

    Radio traffic and misinformation can cause stress and confusion in a busy dispatch office. With the InTow Messenger communications module, you can send call details direct to driver cell phones, pagers or truck mounted mobile terminals. (Mobile terminals require InTow GPS) Once a call is assigned to a driver, the call information is automatically sent to that driver's pre-configured communication device.
  • Mobile Workforce

    InTow Mobile

    The dispatching and call taking process is the life-blood of your operation, and communications between dispatch and drivers in the field is an integral part of your business. With InTow Mobile, your office staff can now focus solely on the customer service requests and call distribution. Drivers in the field can complete the entire call on an iPhone or Android app. Routing to call locations, updating call status’, scanning and decoding VIN’s, creating, printing and emailing invoices, accepting payments, taking pictures and entering call notes are all features of InTow Mobile
  • Motor Club Integration

    InTow Connect

    InTow Connect takes advantage of the internet and allows supported motor clubs, private customers, police departments and property managers to request services electronically. The call information is digitally dispatched to your InTow Manager dispatch board. You can setup your InTow Connect accounts as auto-accept, so the calls appear on your dispatch board as the arrive. Or you can set them up to require an authorization before the call details move to your active call list. Non-Motor Club accounts will use InTow Connect via a secured webpage. Customers visit the web site to submit their service call requests, to review historical data, and to schedule a call for a future date. This helps both you and your customer reduce time, resources, and errors associated with manual paper-based call entry.
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    InTow GPS

    Knowing the location of the your trucks is important, but not as vital as knowing the location of your trucks in relation to your service call locations. Sending the closest available truck to each service call, based on equipment type will lower overall fuel costs, maintenance costs, and increase your call volume. Let InTow GPS help you maximize profits on each call you perform.